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Skateboard Machines

Simple Machines 

A machine is a tool used to make work easier. There are six simple machines: incline plane, wedge, lever, wheels and axle, screw, and pulley. 

Figure: List of six simple machines. 

Diagram of simple machines: Inclined plane, wedge, lever, wheels and axle, screw and pulley.

Compound Machines 

A collection of simple machines working together to do more complex work than individual simple machines. 

Figure: A skateboard is a fantastic example of compound machines. The colors of each component correspond to the simple machines that are listed in the section above. 

Diagram of simple machines working together to make a compound machine.    

Skateboard Components

Understanding the anatomy of a skateboard starts with learning the terminology used to describe the board's orientation. Then, it's time to take a deeper look to explore the individual parts that make up the trucks and wheels. 

Figure: Skateboard parts and components with a magnified view of the trucks and wheels to explain the detail of each part. 

An exploded view of what components make up a skateboard